Fruits are always great for your skin. Whether you make a dessert out of it or use it in your beauty recipe, fruits offer wonderful benefits to your skin and to your health. No doubt that fruit facials too are very popular among women these days and today, I am going to talk about a few aspects of fruit facials.


Here are some of the advantages -

»  Steam during the facial, opens the skin pores which is essential
    for the skin to breathe easy.

»  Scrubbing removes the dead cells from your skin and also
     removes white-heads.

»  Removal of white-heads and black heads ensures removal of
     blockage in skin pores.

»  Facial massage is essential for better blood circulation for the
    skin and relaxes you.

»  Face mask are essential for making the face skin bright, firm,

»  Facial makes you comfort as it is a good 45 minutes
     uninterrupted pampering for yourself in the busy routines.

»  Also, facial helps your eyes rejuvenate too.

»  It not only de-stresses you but also makes your skin glow from the impact of weather on you.